A moisture-energy capsules in cream are contained that restores your skin's vitality by filling dry skin with abundant nourishment and moisture. Powerful hyaluronic acid capsules burst onto skin to deliver a boost of soothing hydration that deeply penetrates skin for maximum efficacy. Improves skin texture and quenches dehydrated skin for an instant glow.

This special set includes:

  • A Full-size Hyalon Active 10 blue capsule cream
  • Sample Hyalon Active 10 Toner

Key ingredients:

          Bluronic Acid: Is a unique combination of 10 different hyaluronic acids that firm skin with moisture and marine extracts. Extracts include chlorella, spirulina, and pseudoalteromonas for a boost of antioxidants that fight off free-radicals and combat premature signs of aging.

Precautions for Using

  1. Discontinue use if signs of irritations or rash appear. If there are any side effects, consult a specialist.
  2. Do not use on wounds.
  3. Storage and Handling Precautions
    1. Keep out of linear direct sunlight.
    2. Keep out of reach of children

*** Please read product manual and precautions before using product.


Volume/Weight: 110 mL


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