- Daily moisture hand cream containing Shea Butter for the moisture hand.

- Shea Butter and Ceramide NP fill deep moisture in the dry and tough skin while strengthening the skin barrier to avoid moisture

evaporation and enhance absorption.

- Buttery cream type that melts softly to the skin and fills up the moisture.

- Fresh and moisture gel-type texture that gives a soft and moist finish without stickiness.

- Gardenia Minty Gel: Cool and fresh mint scent with fresh bloom Gardenia.
- Peach Liquor: Lovely peach scent with soft sweetness.
- Fig Tree: Attractive fig scent with soft and deep sweetness.
- Apple Mango Jelly: Apple mango scent with ripe juicy soft sweetness.
- Pure Lily: Lily scent with the purity of the flowers bloomed under the warm sunlight.
- Blooming Rose: Charming rose scent as a symbol of elegance and beauty.
- Green Tea Forest: A blue sea scent as fresh as the pureness of love.
- Sunset Verbena : A citrus and refreshing verbena scent with cool, refreshing energy.

How to use

Evenly apply a proper amount onto hands and let the formula sink into the skin.


# Peach Liquor
# Apple Mango Jelly
# Fig Tree

# Green Tea Forest
# Pure Lily
# Blooming Rose
# Sunset Verbena
# Gardenia Minty Gel

Volume :



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