What it is: 

     A skincare set for men is made with cypress tree water, known for its strong vitality, to safeguard the skin. Included in the set are a toner, emulsion, and foam cleanser. Balanced skin care for sensitive skin. Free from artificial fragrances. Our Force Relief for Men line is formulated with Phytoncide Complex with cypress water, birch sap, and pine leaf extract to promote skin healing.

● Cypress tree water helps tone and tighten the skin.
● V-Label certified vegan product.
● Sensitive skin target primary skin stimulation human application test completed.
● As a product with plant-derived essential scent, it may cause a sense of time-lapse.

Skin type: 

      All skin types, best for oily and combination skin

How to Use: 

     After washing the face or shaving and applying a skin/toner/mist, use an appropriate amount of the emulsion and apply it to the skin. Gently pat for best absorption.


     Mist Toner 150ml (5 fl.oz.) / Emulsion 150ml (5 fl.oz.) / Foam Cleanser 150ml (5 fl.oz.)



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