Moisture-soothing, weak acid toner helps soothes sensitive skin with tea tree leaf water and 5 kinds of cica core substance and provides gentle exfoliation of dead skin cell with low-irritant PHA.

Suitable for sensitive, dry, or acne-prone skin.

Key Ingredients:

Tea tree: Tea tree balances skin and prevents excess oil production, helping reduce the appearance of large and/or clogged pores.

Cica: Also known as Tiger Grass, Centella Asiatica is revered for its wound healing benefits. Combined with madecassoside, green propolis, and asiatic acid, this ultra-soothing blend helps alleviate stressed skin and provides recovery to acne-prone, sensitive, or dry skin. This Cica blend helps restore your skin's health by boosting immunity, protecting, and combating impurities.

PHA: A gentle chemical exfoliant that removes dead skin, alleviates redness and irritation, and helps with clogged pores.

500 ml

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