Herbology is a cream & oil line made with medicinal herbs that promotes modern healthy living in accordance to the various lifestyles of the modern society. The line uses ingredients grown in a smart farm, and can help allieviate a variety of skin problems from sensitive and dry skin, sagging and wrinkled skin, acne, skin soothing care.

Instant soothing cream with a stimulation shield that can be used safely even with sensitive skin

Mugwort cream containing 2m wild mugwort grown in the best condition in Smart Farm to calm skin


• Instant skin soothing cream that soothes with just one use

• Clinical trial complete for immediate soothing improvement of damaged skin by 5 stimuli (physical, chemical,

infrared, ultraviolet, mask friction)

• Clinical trial complete for instant and temporary skin external/internal moisturizing

• Clinical trial complete for irritation test for sensitive skin

• Texture that melts softly for a surge of moisture and provides a moisturizing film

• Artemisia + Rosemary + Violet Leaf + Sandalwood + Patchouli Essential Oil Fragrance (Allergen Free Herb

Fragrance Applied)

Antioxidant and antiinflammatory effects

Sensitive Dry

70 ML



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