Herbology is a cream & oil line made with medicinal herbs that promotes modern healthy living in accordance to the various lifestyles of the modern society. The line uses ingredients grown in a smart farm, and can help allieviate a variety of skin problems from sensitive and dry skin, sagging and wrinkled skin, acne, skin soothing care.

Concentrated intensive elasticity cream for fine lines, deep wrinkles, and sagging at once.

Contains red clover (Red clover extract) with a large amount of isoflavones grown in the best condition in

Smart Farm

• Elasticity cream that fills fine lines, deep wrinkles, and sagging

• Completed clinical trials for skin elasticity improvement [wrinkle improvement function]

• A formula that delivers nutrients to the skin and spreads smoothly.

• Sandalwood + patchouli essential oil fragrance (allergen free herbal fragrance applied)

Main component of red shamrock_biocanin A -

Photoaging, anti-inflammatory, whitening effect Elasticity

70 ML



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