Herbology is a cream & oil line made with medicinal herbs that promotes modern healthy living in accordance to the various lifestyles of the modern society. The line uses ingredients grown in a smart farm, and can help allieviate a variety of skin problems from sensitive and dry skin, sagging and wrinkled skin, acne, skin soothing care.

A comforting foot care cream that gently cares for brittle and rough feet.

Contains lavender ingredients and urea (5%) that have excellent sterilization power enough to be used as a

disinfectant for affected areas (softening/removing dead skin cells)

• Moisturizes dry and cracked heels

• A creamy moisturizing cream that gently wraps around the heel.

• Lavender essential oil fragrance (allergen-free herbal fragrance applied)

Strong sterilization, antioxidant, soothing, whitening, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect Foot Care

70 ML




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