Three main ingredients of ho:urs that keep your body moisturized

✔Vitamins A, C, and E
It helps maintain moisture and health and keeps it glossy

✔Sweet almond oil
It helps with moisture balance and protection and moisturizes the skin

✔Shea butter
Moisturizes dry skin and moisturizes and softens your skin with a moisturizing softener

▶ Product Description
: The only scent of time that is not in the world created by perfumer Taemen only for Ours : Balances oil and moisture in the skin and cares for healthy skin without irritation

✔ho:urs Morning Moss

Green Floral | Refreshing Grass Smell | Fresh herbal scent

TOP - Basil Lime
MIDDLE - Gardenia Neroli
BASE - Moss Musk

✔ho:urs Sun Step

Citrus | cheerful energy | fresh grapefruit scent

TОР - Grapefruit Lemon
MIDDLE - Magnolia Neroli
BASE - Patchouli Vetitver

✔ho:urs Deep Dark

Woody | chilly air | calming vanilla scent

TOP - Clarysage Blackpepper
MIDDLE - Cedarwood Juniperberry
BASE - Sandalwood Vanilla


200 ml
ho:urs Deep Dark Body Lotion

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