A set of a ho:urs Morning Moss Body Wash and a Lotion. Formulated by perfumer Temen exclusively, ho:urs delivers the one and only fragrance of time that is not in the world. A formulation that is quickly absorbed without stickiness or oiliness and provides a moisturizing feeling. A lotion that replaces perfume that gently wraps the body with a luxurious scent all day long. A body wash with dense and rich bubbles removes impurities while leaving moisture on the skin to make it healthy. Moist and soft texture helps smooth and healthy skin care.


Vitamin A, C, E: Helps maintain moisture and health of the skin and keep the skin shiny.

Sweet Almond Oil: Helps balance and protect moisture and helps to moisturize skin.

Shea Butter: It provides moisture to dry skin and provides a moist and soft feeling.

Morning Moss Scent – Early in the foggy morning, when you open the door and go outside, the pleasant sunlight falls on the land where the cool energy of the soil and moss that have endured the dawn remains, and the bittersweet basil herb and elegant gardenia wake you up in the morning.

Sun Step Scent – In the afternoon with the warmth of the light, step outside for a moment and enjoy the cool breeze, and the fresh scent of grapefruit, lemon, and neroli leaves a clear and refreshing mood for a pleasant lunch break that relieves the tension of the day.

Deep Dark Scent – On a dark night, black pepper and cedarwood combined with the slightly chilly evening air provide freshness and sparkling, followed by vanilla, which ends the day with a warm embrace.

Volume: Body Lotion (200 ml) / Body Wash (300 ml)
ho:urs Sun Step Body Care Set

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