A moisturizing lip sleeping pack that easily takes care of your lips while you sleep.

There are three types and you can choose and use them according to your desired lip condition.

It is a hygienic pumping type lip mask.

Contains Provence rose flower extract to provide moisture to the skin and make the skin moist.

Contains camellia seed oil to provide moisture to the skin without stickiness.

Contains Matricaria flower extract to provide comfort to the skin and make the skin moist and smooth.

#01 Relax Care - Contains centella extract and panthenol to provide a fresh and moist moisture barrier and soothe the lip skin.

#02 Nutrition Care - Contains honey extract and sunflower seed oil to provide deep moisture and nutrition.

#03 Volume Care - Contains collagen and berry mix extract to provide elasticity.

How to use

Pump 1-2 times and apply an appropriate amount to the lips using a finger or a cotton swab.


#01 Relax Care

#02 Nutrition Care

#03 Volume Care

Volume : 10g



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