A finish powder pact that enhances the makeup fixing effect without feeling stuffy with ultra-light powder particles.
A sheer texture that lightly adheres to the skin to provide a makeup fixing effect and smooth blurring skin.
A double coating powder that matches the skin tone is formulated to provide a natural, clear tone correction effect without artificiality.
As a coating powder that is strong against oil, it enhances makeup retention and removes only oil to provide a fresh and soft finish.
2-Layer Anti Darkening System : Soft and elastic spherical powder helps to express translucent and semi-blurry skin by holding only excess oil.
Contains plant-based allantoin to soothe and protect sensitive skin.

How to use
Apply an appropriate amount of the contents to the puff or brush and lightly apply on the face.

#01 Pink
#02 Beige

- Volume : 12g

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