A fresh gel mask that contains the original nutrients using the cold pressed juice method.

In order to extract the original ingredients without loss, a low-temperature pressing method is applied to effectively deliver the active ingredients to the skin.

Low-temperature juiced essence and juice extract extracted from fruit ingredients extracted from green fruits combine to deliver refreshing energy to the skin.

It is a 100% natural biodegradable fabric that provides a jelly-like texture.

Vegan certification completed.

# Yuja - Contains cold-pressed yuza essence to brighten the skin.

# Pomegranate - Contains cold-pressed pomegranate essence to provide elasticity to the skin.

# Blueberry - Contains cold-pressed blueberry essence extracted from jelly and provides deep moisture to the skin.

# Carrot - Contains cold-pressed carrot essence to provide vitality and soothing to tired skin.

# Dragon Fruit - Contains cold-pressed dragon fruit essence to give your skin a radiant glow.

# Orange - Contains cold-pressed orange essence to revitalize the skin.

# Grapefruit - Contains cold-pressed grapefruit essence to keep your skin clear.

# Kiwi - Contains cold-pressed kiwi essence to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

# Coconut - Contains cold-pressed coconut essence to provide moisture and nutrition to the skin.

# Mangosteen - Contains cold-pressed mangosteen essence to care for smooth skin texture.

How to use

1. After face wash, put on your toner for a clean base.

2. Open the pouch and place the mask on to your face and remove the blue film on the other side.

3. Wait 10~15 minutes and take off the mask.

4. Gently pat in the remaining essence.


# Yuja

# Pomegranate

# Blueberry

# Carrot

# Dragon Fruit

# Orange

# Grapefruit

# Kiwi

# Coconut

# Mangosteen

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