This derma mask solution contains vitamin tree water 80% and 10 kinds active essence to provide a vitalizing synergy to the skin.

Fresh vitamin tree water extracted through cold immersion method is delivered directly to the skin and helps whiten.

A gauze micro sheet with a matrix structure is used as a double-sided sheet made of strong, ultra-adhesive fabric.

It is a firm, yet soft and flexible fabric that provides excellent adhesion even to the curved areas of the face.

The tightly woven three-layer structure sheet holds more essence content and delivers excellent moisturizing power and active ingredients to the skin.

# Niacinamide : Contains niacinamide 20,000 ppm to create clear and transparent skin without blemishes.
# Retinol : Contains liposomal retinol to create elastic skin without blemishes.
# Pink Vitamin B12 : Contains Non-GMO pink vitamin B12 to create bright and vibrant skin.
# Panthenol : Contains German niosome panthenol, providing a solid moisturizing barrier.
# Hyaluronic Acid : Contains 10 kinds hyaluronic acid to create moist and hydrated skin.
# Ceramide : Contains 5 kinds ceramide complex to care for the skin’s moisture barrier.
# Peptide : Contains 6 kinds peptide complex to help improve wrinkles and create elastic skin.
# Allantoin : Contains niosome allantoin, which soothes the skin, gently improves dead skin cells, and creates smooth skin.
# Idebenone : Contains idebenone to provide natural vitality and nutrition.
# Phyto Squalane : Contains vegetable squalane, which supplies moisture to the skin and controls sebum, creating moist and smooth skin.

How to use

1. After face wash, put on your toner for a clean base.

2. Open the pouch and place the mask on to your face and remove the blue film on the other side.

3. Wait 10~15 minutes and take off the mask.

4. Gently pat in the remaining essence.


# Niacinamide
# Retinol
# Pink Vitamin B12
# Panthenol
# Hyaluronic Acid
# Ceramide
# Peptide
# Allantoin
# Idebenone
# Phyto Squalane

Volume :

27 ml


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